Why Does Each Letter In A Polygon's Name Can Only Be Used Once?

This question is answered here and here. Once around the polygon and you have defined it.

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Can You Help Me Slove This,8x^2 - 200y^2 Factor Completely
Result of factoring out a GCF before taking the resulting polynomial and factoring it again 8x^2 - 200y^2 =8(x^2-25y^2) =8(x-5y)(x+5y)

What Is The Product Of Two Slopes When They Are At 90 Degree Tho Each...
What is the product? By definition, perpendicular lines always intersect at 90 degree so the product of their slopes m1 * m2 = -1. Where m1 = slope of first column m2 = slope of second line

I Need Help To Pass Sat Test On Math?
Study and/or get a tutor and then study. If you have violent roadblocks that interfere with your math study or your test-taking, this may help. Here are a few websites that could help you: Www.proprofs.com