What Are The Four Phases Of Business Cycle And Explain Them?

Explain the phases of the business cycles.

There are basically four phases of business  cycle and these are as follows:


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A business cycle consists of four unique components, each reflecting differing level of economic activity and the subsequent circumstances occurring during each respective stage. An expansion is where on earth the economy is experiencing positive and increasing economic output. Employment tends to increase (unemployment falls) and within is upward pressure placed on prices (inflation rises) as output rises. A peak is reached when the economy have produced the greatest amount of output. At this point employment is generally at or near its highest even (unemployment is at its lowest level: Usually below the full employment rate of approximately 5%) and prices tend to rise more rapidly (inflation accelerates). Following the peak is a recession, or contraction. During this phase output in actual fact decreases (the rate of growth becomes negative); unemployment begin to rise and the inflationary pressure on prices fades In America, due to government involvement, prices usually don’t fall, but the rate of inflation decreases). The low point of the cycle occur next. This is known as a trough and unemployment tend to be at its peak and production at it low point. There is very little upward pressure on prices and in some cases at hand is downward pressure on prices (deflation). The business cycle is identified and marked by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NEBR), an independent economic “think tank”.

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