How Can A Manager Of An Organization Use MS Excel?

What are the ways the use of MS Excel as a tool to interpret data can be used by managers of an organization?

MS Excel provides the most simplest process to store data and to interpret data. MS Excel is used in almost adjectives kinds of businesses from very small to very life-size. There are various ways through which MS Excel can help the managers to interpret facts. For example, a company which sells mobile connections to the customers can enter their data in the excel sheets surrounded by the form of tables. At the end of the month if the manager wishes to analyze the data then he can go contained by the "graphs" option in MS Excel and can see the percentages and the trends of the sale in previous months. Managers can also apply various functions on the data from the MS Excel. Managers can also use MS Excel surrounded by their business research analysis like if they want to find out industry trends then they can calculate regression equation and can determine the big factors which can impact their business. All accounting functions can be applied on data in MS Excel. I come up with MS Excel is the most simplest form of a database.

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