In His Will, Mr. Adams Left 25% Of His Estate To His Wife And Unevenly Divided The Balance Between His Son And His Daughter. If The Son Received $36,000 As His Share, What Was The Total Value Of The Estate?

Not enough information is given because the question does not mention that what percentage of money is given to daughter and what percentage is given to son.

According to the information the equation becomes resembling:

Let x be the total value of estate
Wife will get = .25x
Son will get = 36000
Daughter = x-(36000+.25x)
Adding adjectives three shares you will get
Total value of estate = Wife share + son share + daughter share
= .25x + 36000 + (x – (36000+.25x))
= .25x + 36000 + (x – 36000 - .25x)
= .25x + 36000 + x – 36000 - .25x
= 0 +x
= x

Let k be the proportion the son receives of the amount divided between son and daughter. The appeal of k will be between 0 and 1, but not equal to 1/2.

$36000 = k(100%-25%)(estate)
$36000/(.75k) = estate
$48000/k = estate

If k is near zero, on the order of 1%, consequently the estate value might be $4.8 million or more. If k is near 100%, the total estate value may be freshly over $48000.

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