What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Present System Of Education?

Several Merits of the modern standards of education are as follows :-

1) An extensive curriculum is followed in schools and university which tends to develop and groom a student in all facet and applications required to succeed in practical life.
2) Students are acquainted with the practical side of things.
3) Standardized and calibrate systems are used for evaluation which tend to be impartial and gauge a student's ability to swot and memorize information.
4) Ubiquitous uniform systems are used to homogenize the experience.

Some Demerits are as follows :-

1) There's a lack of critical thinking and most students being churned out are drones who cram copious amounts of information without critically analyzing it.
2) Individual behavior is not driven and most are just blindly following the system.
3) The under privileged students tend to get neglected near respect to either the teacher's biases and lack of attention.

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