What Is 25% Of $80.00?

In case this is a homework question, I don't want to do your math problem for you, but here is a super easy style to figure out percentages, which will help you near this question.  :)

1. Divide the number by 100. You do this step to divide your number up in to 100 equal parts.  You use 100 because 100% of anything is the whole piece, right?  When you do this step, you get 1% of the number.

2. Multiply that answer by the percentage you're trying to find. Once you have 1% of something, you can multiply that number to get the percentage you're looking for.  


Find 32% of 150.

1.  Divide the number by 100 (to go and get 1% of that number):
     150/100 = 1.5

2.  Multiply that answer (1.5) by the percentage you're trying to find (32):
     1.5 X 32 = 48

Your answer: 48 is 32% of 150.

Good luck!  I hope that helps!  :) If you have other questions, I'll check backbone on this question.
Comment: Thank you very much. I'm having problems study this!
Answer: 80/100=8

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