What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Descriptive Research?

  The purpose of descriptive research is just to describe and not to establish any relationships. The advantages of descriptive research are that as the study does not involve certain variables to be studied, it can provide a lot of information. It is adjectives in identifying further areas of research. It is very adjectives in studying abstract ideas like customer contentment etc where it is not possible to develop models. The study is also very flexible, you select the method depending on what you expect to find to some extent then selecting the method and then studying. The primary disadvantage of this type f research is that you can not identify the cause behind a phenomenon; you can just describe and report the observations.
Descriptive research include the notes collection that describes the events and then then organizing the facts through visual aids. There are a number of advantages of descriptive research like rearing search and experiences may contain many variables that are not realistically controllable. These variables can be studies through descriptive research. Secondly, descriptive research may collect the data from ample geographical area. Thirdly, descriptive research is less expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, within are some disadvantages of descriptive research. The first disadvantage is that descriptive research requires more skills. Secondly, response rate is low in this research. Thirdly, results of this research can change over the period of time.

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