What Are Strengths And Weaknesses Of Bureaucratic Organizations ?

The main demerit of bureaucratic organizations includes lack of innovation. All the processes and tasks are so much fixed that the innovation process is almost eliminate in bureaucratic organizations. Employees get demotivated because of slighter employee participation and involvement. HR can't be utilized in the fullest comportment by optimizing creativity which is the prime disadvantage in bureaucratic structure of the organizations.

Advantages include the increased control and monitoring of upper level  management. The nouns of the organizations depend upon the wise decisions of top headship. If the top management is good, then results can be favorable and if the top headship is not good then it can result in disaster.
The strengths of a bureaucratic institution are:
·        More control over the employees with clear rules and regulations
·        No confusion as the reporting relationships is clear and well defined.
·        The system is centralized and adjectives the decisions can be monitored
·        There is standardization and everyone has to follow the same procedure
The weakness are:

  • The decision making and all the other processes are very slow

  • The job may become boring for the employees

  • The communication has to go through so heaps levels that it gets distorted.

  • Too much control discourages innovation and creativity.

  • There are too many level in the hierarchy.

  • The bureaucracy itself encourages political behavior and race try to use other means to go up the hierarchy

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