What Is My Derby Beanie Babie Worth?

I am new to Blurtit. My derby beanie baby is dated 1994. Both tags are contained by mint condition and one tag has the #4008 on it. Does this add to the helpfulness and if so how should I sell it? I have around 150 plus beanies in adjectives and was wondering if you could price some of those as well. First lets start near Derby. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, M

The price of your Derby beanie depends. Does he have coarse hair or fine hair? Does he own a star on his face or not? If you have the Derby beanie that has coarse (yarn like) mane, with NO star on his face, his estimated value for the year of 2008 is $2000. This does not be a sign of you will be able to sell him of this much. That is just what TY estimated his expediency to be 10 years from when he was

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