What Is Explanatory Research And Its Goals?

This question is about helpful research goal.

Explanatory Research

When we encounter an issue that is already known and have a description of it, we might commence to wonder why things are the way they are. The desire to know "why," to explain, is the purpose of explanatory research. It builds on exploratory and descriptive research and goes on to identify the reasons for something that occur. Explanatory research looks for causes and reasons. For example, a descriptive research may discover that 10 percent of the parents abuse their children, whereas the explanatory researcher is more interested within learning why parents abuse their children.

Goals of Explanatory Research

1. Explain things not just reporting. Why? Elaborate and enrich a theory's explanation.

2. Determine which of several explanations is best.

3. Determine the exactitude of the theory; test a theory's predictions or principle.

4. Advance knowledge more or less underlying process.

5. Build and elaborate a theory; elaborate and enrich a theory's predictions or principle.

6. Extend a idea or principle to new areas, new issues, and new topics:

7. Provide evidence to support or confute an explanation or prediction.

8. Test a theory's predictions or principles.

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