What Is The Difference Between MIS And DSS?

The difference between DSS and MIS :
- MIS focus on operational efficiency  ( comfort organization "do things right" )
- DSS focus on making effective decision  ( help collective "do the right thing" )
DSS: Focus on finding making, unstructured and available on request, immediate,friendly
MIS: Plan report on variety of subject, reports are standard, structured,routine,constraint by organizational system.
The terms MIS and DSS stand for Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems respectively. There has been greatly of talk regarding these two, whether they are actually impossible to tell apart thing or if there are any significant differences between the two.

MIS is basically a compassionate of link to facilitate communcation between managers across different areas in a business association. MIS plays a pivotal role in enabling communications across the floor of an organization, between multiple entities therein.

DSS, many consider, is an advancement from the original MIS. However,this is not the sole difference between the two. While there may not be too much separating the two, the difference is still within,as is apparent when we say DSS is an advancement over MIS.

The essential difference between the two is in focus. DSS, as the permanent status indicates, is about leadership and senior management surrounded by an organization providing good, reliable judgment as ably as vision. MIS, on the other hand, is about focusing on the actual flow of information itself.

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