I Recieved A Letter From A Director Named [GERALD ST. JOHN] From A Place Called ''NRC'' NUMEROLOGICAL RESOURCE CENTER/ANALYSIS DIVISON, Stating There Is A Staff Of Evisionaries There Who Are Going To Change My Life In Many Ways Including Money? Do You Know About These Things?

I received a letter, too. Gerald St. John Director of Numerological resource Center - Analysis Division.
Comment: Hello, I to got this letter. Wanted to transport in the $20.00, but thought I would look it up on the internet. I get these things all the time. Pretty sure they are scam.
Answer: Today is 4/24/2009:
I received the same type of letter yesterday totally unrealistic, the best thing to do is google roughly speaking Numerological resource Center, to find out mora about it.
Anything that  seems too good to be true is too accurate to be true
Yes and i sent him $20 thinking that may life would change .What is going on and why did i walk into a scam

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