What Is The Nationality Of The Last Name Phelps?

Go to www.ellisisland.org it is where you can check last names and it tell you everyone with that last name who passed through ellis island to come to america and obviously , where they came from. You might find some of of your ancestors on there!

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Where Does My Surname Come From And Mean? Dodds Also Castleton
I would just like to know the origin and significance of my surname, (dodds) also my other surname (castleton) Dodds is English name. The name is patronymic from Dodd. The name is also certain in Scotland to be derived from a place in Berwickshire...

What Does "for All Intensive Purposes" Mean And Is This The Correct...
I have heard this phrase and not sure of its actual wording or what it actually manner. You probably mean, "For all intents and purposes..." This phrase is used in several ways. When speaking legally, it means that something will be binding in...

What Year Did William Shakespeare Write His First Play?
It is thought his first play was written between 1589-1590. Here's a chronology link.