How Did Virginia Get Its Nickname?

Virginia has a number of nicknames. They include Old Dominion State, Mother of States, Mountain State, Switzerland of America and Panhandle State.

Early British settlers call Virginia the Cavalier State. The credit for 'Mountain State' should go to the presence of the majestic Allegheny Mountains that cuts across the state. 'Switzerland of America' builds on this nickname. This nickname have also been used for other mountainous states of America. Virginia was called the 'Old Dominion State' because of Charles II added the coat of arms of Virginia to his shield. It be the first American state to come under the aegis of the British monarchy. A little known fact is that Virginia give the United States seven of its first twelve Presidents. This led to another nickname ~ 'Mother of Statesmen.' The mountain ranges of Virginia gave it the moniker of 'Panhandle State.' Each vertex of Virginia is call the East, West and North Panhandle.

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