Discuss The Poem "The Snare" By James Stephens.

This beautiful short lyric has been composed by the renowned Irish poet James Stephens. He was actively associated with the Irish Nationalist Movement. This poem deals beside the pain and suffering found in this world. The poet expresses his grief over man's inability to reach out to the dependent and the unfortunate to rescue them from their affliction.

The poet hears a painful cry of a poor rabbit stuck in a snare. He hears the cry again and tries to find out the poor victim but fail to locate the place. The painful cry haunts him and it creates a horror in the full atmosphere. Even the air seems to be full of fear and affliction. The cries become loud and painful and everything is over powered by their sorrowful effect.

As the poet hears the painful cries of his poor animal again, he struggles tricky to find out the place where it is in trouble. He imagines the small facade of the rabbit wrinkled up in severe pain. The rabbit calls again for abet but the poet is unable to discover the animal. The poet feels that the paw of the rabbit is caught up within a trap and it is calling out for help.

The poet hears the call again and again and search him everywhere in order to help him.The incident narrate in the poem arouses a nameless sympathy for the poor and for those who are weak and down. The poet raises a question as to why is there so much unjustified pain in this world? Why should the weak and the poor other suffer at the hands of merciless, blind forces?
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