What Does My Name Harvey Mean?

The name Harvey is a boy's name. It is believed to be of Old French and Old English origins. The name is pronounced as "HAR-vee". The name is traditionally of Norman usage and is believed to mean "strong and worth" or "eager for battle". Harvey can also mingy man-at-arms" or "soldier". The name is believed to have come to England along with Breton mercenaries belonging to William the Conqueror. The label is believed to have eight different variations including Harve, Herv, Harvee, Harvy, Herve, Harvie, Harv and Hervey.

Harvey is used in the United States, Australia and Canada for place name. Harvey as a last name can be found used in the describe of William Harvey, famous for the discovery related to the circulation of blood and Domino Harvey who was a British model from the fashion industry that turned into a bounty hunter within Los Angeles.
The boy's name Harvey began as a surname, itself originate in Brittany in north-west France. It derives from an old Breton autograph from the words haer "battle" and vy "worthy." After the Norman Conquest, Harvey was brought to Britain, especially the East Coast, by Breton settlers (in modern French the name is Herve, with an elocution on the second "e"). It is not very common as a given name surrounded by Britain, though it has gained in popularity within recent years (in the 1980s there was a TV series called Shine On Harvey Moon, though this probably isn't the principle for the name's greater popularity.)

It has long been better known as a given describe in the US. The actor Harvey Keitel is a famous example, while for faster generations the name is eternally connected with James Stewart's giant, invisible rabbit companion within the classic 1940s film Harvey.
A male name, Harvey is pronounced HAR-vee. It is of Old English and Old French origin, and its characterization is "eager for battle; strong and worthy." It is a variant form of Herve (French).

In the movie "Harvey", Jimmy Stewart was upstaged by a giant invisible rabbit. English physician, anatomist, and physiologist William Harvey; Playwright Harvey Feirstein are two of the celebrated personalities bearing the name.

Nicknames of the signature include Harv, Harve and alternate spellings of the name Harvey is Harvy, Harvy etc.

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