What Do Baby Catfish Eat?

My boyfriend brought a bunch of baby catfish home from the lake and put them in our fish cistern.

A baby cat fish likes to eat small insects and soft a moment ago born leaves and the stems of the plants.
Comment: I'm only 11 years old and i caught like 15 babe-in-arms catfish off of NOTHING!! All you need is a pond and a net, it's really not that complicated. So why don't you stop wasting your lip-smacking hot dogs and grab a regular butterfly catching net for once. Baby catfish are not quick at adjectives so it won't be that much of a challenge for ya. But thanks for telling me what I should nurture them! Take my advice for it!
Answer: Baby catfish eat baby food
Comment: How long does it pilfer for a really small catfish to become really big??
Answer: Many like to eat raw or fried meat. Mainly natural beef, fried hot dogs, insects, soft newborn leaves, brine shrimp. Only feed brine shrimp to babies, because adult catfish will not full off of brine shrimp. They also love little slices of white or wheat bread. Small small pits for babies, but bigger slices for adults. They also can lately live in algae pond water and live off of that for give or take a few 5 days.  DO NOT OVER FEED YOU'RE CATFISH, BIG OR SMALL! They will die if fed to much. I advice you to feed them solely around 1 time a day or every 2 days. This is sorta off subject, but it's smartest to just tilt 1-3 at a time!
I'm 10 years old and i caught 6 baby catfish .I feed it severely small cut up worms

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