What Are The Treatments For Puppies With Parvo?

My puppy was positive for Parvo.

Treatment for the Parvo virus consists of supporting the dog by preventing dehydration and using antibiotics to help prevent a very imagined secondary infection. We added vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies to boost the immune system.
More than just avoiding dehydration, it is decisive to maintain cellular fluid balance.
If your dog refuses to allow you to tender them electrolytes via mouth (using a bulb or syringe) or they are not taking in enough fluids, you need to consult near your vet to get them on parental therapy injections. Enemas are encouraged to aid within fluid uptake.
During this extreme challenge to the intestines and stomach (and possibly the heart) it is important to keep the fluid symmetry normal in the blood stream to keep the kidneys functioning, while allowing time for the dog's immune system to combat the virus.
In the untimely stages of advanced treatment, subcutaneous injections of intravenous fluids (IV or parental therapy) help maintain fluid balance. Vitamins are used to oblige boost the immune system.
Later stages may require IVs with multiple electrolytes interchanged with dextrose added to supply energy. Intravenous Vitamin C is used to combat the virus, and vitamin K is used to back blood clotting.

treatment of Canine parvovirus (CPV)is as follow firstly

its success rate depends on how early it diagnose and usually I.V

fluids and colloids , anti nausea injections ,such as metoclopramide,

dolasetron, ondansetron and antibiotic injections such as cefoxitin,

metronidazole, timentin, or enrofloxacin with B- complex and liver

enhancing tonics such as sorboline , liv.52 etc. Are given and if the

disease is at end stage blood plasma transfusion from a donor dog which has survived cpv.the main purpose of the treatment against cpv is to
raise the imperviousness power of puppy and to prevent dehydration and to
give time to internal immune system to produce antibodies to fight against this virus .

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